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Top Reasons to Outsource Your Virtual Assistant Services to India

  • Viable Outsource Solution’s real estate virtual assistants are certified by the British Council when it comes to English language proficiency.
  • Proficient in researching, collecting, analyzing, and presenting data.
  • Ready to work across different schedules & timing requirements.
  • Exceptional writing & listening skills
  • Generate huge leads and convert them quickly & successfully.

Hire A REVA From Viable & Bring Down The Stress Factor!

Remember the last time when you got some proper sleep without worrying about the next day's deals or replying to all the unread mails? Can't think of any? Well, then chances are you are too overburdened a work to get some proper shut-eye.

Beat all the stress and save yourself from overwhelming workloads with a remote virtual assistant. Delegate mundane & time-consuming tasks, and share excessive workloads with a trusted virtual assistant by your side.

A skilled and dedicated assistant is an asset for any professional. With a real estate virtual assistant from Viable Outsource Solution, you can assign necessary but time-consuming tasks such as email management, call management, property list updating, researching, etc., with ease.

At Viable Outsource, we are one of India's foremost outsourcing companies with a pool of exceptional talent. Expect dedication, skills, intuitiveness, and excellence from all our VAs & work with them to elevate your business to new levels.

Forget Chaos. Bring Back Order.

Let Viable’s Virtual Assistants Manage Everything with Perfection

Lead Generation
Get a steady stream of leads in your pipeline always. Our REVAs will search & screen new leads and keep your contact lists updated with sure-fire leads with a high probability of converting. This way you get to spend time nurturing only the best possible prospects.
Real Estate Research
Skilled and experienced real estate virtual assistants possess solid research acumen and provide the latest trends, news, and insights, alongside in-depth analysis of the real estate & commercial markets, taxation & regulatory policies, and much more.
Administrative Support
Our talents are more than capable of handling different administrative responsibilities.
Customer Relationship Management
They will handle the entire cycle of customer interaction right from lead generation to processing information, maintaining contacts, and closing the deal.
Property Listing
Hire a REVA who will manage your property listings impeccably across major websites, ensuring maximum lead generation. They will share remarkable photos of properties, polishing them up in the right way to make them distinctively engaging.
Data Reconciliation
Forget all your data-centric worries with our skilled virtual assistants on your side. They will handle everything with prudence & perfection, ensuring all information is accurate & properly recorded.
Scheduling& Management Done Right!
From scheduling meetings to responding to emails, connecting & coordinating with clients, & managing the entire calendar, your personal virtual assistant will take care of everything.
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Complete Data Security Guaranteed
NDAs, Strict Privacy Policies, and end-to-end encryption systems ensure complete data security at every step.
Huge Savings, High-End Talent
Outsource to India and save more while getting the best in return.

Choose From Three Ala Carte Hiring Models

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Dedicated REVA

Get one of our remote real estate assistants to work exclusively for you on a contractual basis.

Team Model

Hire a team of virtual assistants for your project, with a team lead to manage everything smoothly.

Flexible Hourly Services

Work with our talent as per your chosen schedule and save more money.

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