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Legal Assistant Responsibilities

Assisting in Litigation & Non-Litigation Processes

Well versed with trial and pre-trial processes initiations.

Conducting Investigations, Statistical & Documentary Research

In depth knowledge of the technicalities involved in locating the relevant information.

Summarizing Deposition Transcripts etc

Hands on experience in drafting and summarizing deposition transcripts, medical records, motions etc.

Why Hire Remote Legal Assitant?

legal assistant
  • Are you seeking the perfect legal process outsourcing services to cope with excessive caseloads and expand further? Viable Outsource Solution offers a pool of skilled legal workforce to meet any of your firm's needs.
  • Unlock the true potential of your law firm with a dedicated, driven, and knowledgeable workforce from our quintessential legal process outsourcing services. Upscale your business with experienced virtual legal assistants from India.
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