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Legal Process Outsourcing Services

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Hire Paralegal

  • Initiating Pre-Litigation Processes
  • For Litigation-Drafting, Vetting etc.
  • Preparation & Research
  • Preparing for Trial
  • Preparing/Drafting Discoveries & responses
  • Using PACER to Check Case History
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Hire Legal Secretary

  • Check on All Office Correspondence
  • Directing and Coordinating Law Office Activities
  • Calendaring Important Dates
  • Miscellaneous Office Tasks
  • Miscellaneous Drafts e.g. LORS, Medical Record Requests
  • Drafting Basic Documents For Opposing Counsels
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Hire Legal Researcher

  • Gathering & Analysing Statutes
  • Conduct Legal Research
  • Developing Legal Briefs, Appeals, Pleadings, Wills & Contracts
  • Keeping Law Library up-to-date by Monitoring Legal Volumes
  • Tools Usage e.g. FASTCASE, Manupatra etc
  • Legal Analysis with Conclusions
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Hire Legal Assistant

  • Assisting in Litigation & Non-Litigation Processes
  • Conducting Investigations, Statistical & Documentary Research
  • Summarizing Deposition Transcripts etc.
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Hire for Document Review

  • Organizing & Managing Documents
  • Gathering & Analysing Legal Documents
  • Gathering the Available Info
  • Finding Relevant Legal Information
  • Case-Strategy
  • Honoring Confidentiality & Privacy of the Documents

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Work to India

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Dedicated Virtual Resources

Hire virtual legal associates from India who work in close collaboration and answer only to you. Build your own team of dedicated and talented associates who work exclusively for you, just like your own in-house teams.

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Zero Overhead Expenses

Pay only for the workforce you hire and avail massive savings on overhead expenses, taxes, and various other formalities. Let us worry about office space, energy costs, government regulations, and the like.

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First-Rate Legal Professionals

Hire remote legal associates from a plethora of brilliant graduates and seasoned professionals as per your staffing requirements.

Save 70% On Each Remote Employee.
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