Teach Well Analysis

Teach Well- Overview

Teachwell, with a desire to expand the range of their brand visibility online as well as organic traffic every month. Their offline coaching branches were doing great, but their online traffic, lead generation, and students’ registrations were not yet meeting the annual targets.

How Viable Helped?

For a period of 7 months, team Viable continually worked on a prolonged digital marketing campaign that entirely focused around onsite SEO optimization, content creation for website pages, blogs, ads copy, social media, and implemented a Content Marketing campaign associated with publishers to promote about the Teachwell courses in an effective manner.

The strategy marked a significant impact on the financial investment into an ongoing SEO, Content Marketing, and paid advertising campaign in terms of improving ranking, traffic, and conversions.

The Results

1. Keyword visibility increased by (85)%

Total number of keyword phrases within the top 10 and top 3 local pack positions increased from 8 to 52 by the end of our services.

2. Estimated traffic increased by (78) %*

Traffic estimate when we started was only 300 users per month. It raised to 2350 users per month by the end.

3. The Google traffic boosted by (90)%

Since the time, we started with Teachwell, the traffic generated from the Google search engine alone was increased by (90)%

4. Lead conversions were seen growing at an exponential rate of (55)%

The paid ad campaigns aimed at driving traffic and inquires performed exceptionally well and resulted in (55)% of real converted business growth.

**These stats are based on the estimations as due to legal agreements, we’re unable to share exact traffic, lead generation, and sales numbers.

The Key Fundamentals for Campaign Success

The key to success with the campaign depends on many factors, some of them are listed below

The combination of the above helped our team to complete work that becomes the basis of ranking and traffic success.

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