Slate & Tell Analysis

Slate & Tell Analysis

Slate & Tell – A Personalized Jewelry Gift Store!

Launched in 2017, Slate & Tell, a NewYork-based jewelry brand employs more than 300 employees under one roof. The brand has a unique concept of offering hand-crafted and personalized jewelry that helps individuals with many meaningful and creative ways to make their loved ones feel special.

Aiming to enhance sales of their customized jewelry products, Slate & Tell approached Viable. They were planning to break into the highly competitive jewelry market and were unsure how to gain traction from SEO.

The Solution

Viable designed a custom SEM campaign that focused on the ideal buyer, optimized keywords for intent and maximized the compelling nature of Slate & Tell’s  jewelry pieces. 

  • Success began quickly, we helped by adding more than 58 targeted ranked keywords in the first two months.
  • After an initial comprehensive technical and on-page audit, we crafted an SEO campaign based on a strategic set of monthly deliverables. 
  • Slate & Tell’s first quarterly report resulted in over ~100+ ranking spots in search engines for their search-relevant and branded keywords. 
  • The campaign strategy was organized for all different occasions to engage more audiences. Whether there’s Mother’s Day coming up soon or women’s day is the talk of the town. Whether people are looking to gift their loved ones on birthdays or anniversaries, we had customized marketing ads designed for all occasions to drive maximum traction. 
  • We also started to leverage the owner’s story behind launching Slate & Tell in highly engaging content to drive aligned, high-intent buyers to their website. The strategy worked really great! 
  • In addition to an impactful keyword strategy, we also performed a conversion rate optimization analysis to help our client optimize their website, not just for search, but also for delivering a streamlined shopping experience. 
  • After 4 months, the campaign got the attraction. We are excited to see how the website continues to grow!

If you’re interested in driving a more targeted audience to your website and delivering them a personalized experience at every step of their interaction, we can help you with a custom strategy designed exclusively for your business. Let’s connect to take it further!

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