Bar Method Analysis

Bar Method Analysis

Story Behind ‘The Bar Method’

Burr Leonard approached Viable with a concept for a high-end website development named “The Bar Method”.

Being a passionate lover of ballet and jazz classes, she wanted to help many more women with the outstanding benefits of exercising. That’s why she came up with her unique exercise technique that would be highly beneficial for women of all ages and help them building beautiful, lean, toned, and healthy bodies and lifestyles.

The Bar Method is an amazing outcome of her passionate work and pertinacious efforts. It was established with its first flagship in 2001. People loved the workout sessions and were keenly interested in opening their own studios. 

Taking this ahead, Burr opened her first franchised studio in California. Since then, today, The Bar Method has more than 86 studios in the United States & Canada. 

Such huge success of the Bar Method has led Burr to the idea of starting an online platform where people can take online exercise sessions from Bar and other trainers and also shop their required exercising stuff, all from a single platform.

To get The Bar Method off the ground, Burr needed a website, branding, and promotions to showcase how they work and help women uplifting their lifestyle in beautiful ways through exercising and dancing.

She approached Viable with a concept of developing a high-end website where people can – 

She also wanted to launch ‘The Bar Method’ internationally to expand their reach and inspire more and more people. She wanted Viable to look after the branding and digital marketing of the website, so they can get quality results in desired budget and timeline.

How Viable Helped ‘The Bar Method’ With an International Presence?

Web Design

With an aim of reaching a broader international audience of women in the community who may be benefited from Burr’s health and fitness mantras, she wanted to create a digital space that can clearly reflect what their brand is meant for.

Additionally, the website needed to be a source for healthy lifestyle resources and content geared towards empowering women for fitness.

Branding & Digital Marketing

Branding starts with logo designing, so we started first with exploring the latest and trendy logo designs and color palette options that would perfectly suit the concept of ‘The Bar Method’. 

As we explored variations, we leaned into elegant taste giving prime focus on the ‘Bar’. 

The final logo our client selected included a tasteful font and a color. Once we decided on the Logo and launched a digital marketing campaign with a selection of ads, her brand started to take shape internationally.

The team at Viable produced a branding package that allowed Burr Leonard to carefully craft her health and fitness brand experience as customers moved between her website and social media accounts.

What Burr Leonard, Founder of The Bar Method Has to Say About Viable?

“We've been working with Viable for 2 years. In that time, we've achieved a 80% organic traffic increase and specifically helped shape their marketing efforts to the tune of a 100% increase in our online membership purchase orders and products sales.”
- Burr Leonard
(Founder of The Bar Method)

Bar Method

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