Royal India Holidays Analysis

Royal India Holidays- Overview

Visualize a holiday with a wonderful stay and indelible hospitality. Every place you have ever dreamt to explore in India, Nepal, Bhutan, or Sri Lanka, every amenity you think of, and the comfort of knowing that a local guide would be there to make your trip a more relaxing and fruitful one.

For most of us, this is just a pleasant daydream, but for the CEO of RIH, these exclusive destinations are what define their business. 

Let’s be clear, this is not just a hotel booking company where you can explore the locations and search out for the available hotels or villas. This is a one-stop destination where you can plan even the smallest detail of your trip.

From deciding on the destinations to transport, stay, food, and your entire trip planning is done by the Royal India Holidays Pvt. Ltd. 

As there is a huge untapped market where the company could thrive, SEO seemed to be the perfect option for the CEO of Royal Holidays to step into the world of unlimited business opportunities. 

In a final attempt to reach the untapped target market, the team decided to find a result-driven digital marketing agency based in India. And then, they approached Viable Outsource Solution.

Viable Digital Marketing Strategy That Worked Incredibly for Royal Holidays

Equipped with in-depth SEO analysis, backlink portfolio analysis, competitive analysis, and SEO on-page analysis, Viable instantly tracked what exactly hampered the google ranking of Royal Holidays Pvt. Ltd.’s website.

The keywords implemented across the website weren’t that effective, the content was of poor quality, and the website was built around hundreds of geo-focused pages.

Our digital marketing team started designing a tactical and data-driven strategy to fill in gaps, locate opportunities, and tap into the growth potential. In our first shot of execution, we managed to rank more than 25 keywords in average top 7 rank positions. 

But more importantly, an immediate increase in organic traffic to the RIH website proved the worth of our efforts.

The Viable Achievements with Royal Holidays

Propelled by the immediate success, we determined to prove that it could only get better with pertinacious efforts and innovative ideas. 

We used an effective link building process to acquire authoritative and trust factor that is the most important to build a great brand image. 

Earning thematically relevant links from reputable domains, increasing social media visibility, publicizing SEO press releases, and performing strategic keyword jacking, everything works great in taking Royal Holidays to the new heights of success.

Above all, Royal Holidays Pvt. Ltd. witnessed a 180% return on their investment with an increase of website revenue by nearly 23%. 

Liked our case study on RIH? You could also get similar and even greater results for your company. Why not connect and talk about your unique business objectives? Let’s call us today to take it further!

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