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Our client who is an experienced personal injury attorney based in Louisiana approached us with one of his projects in which a person suffered some very serious and life-threatening injuries in a Road Traffic Accident.

Prompt Assessment of The Injuries

The injuries of the person were so extensive that he required professional medical care and support 24*7 for the first five months following his discharge from the hospital.

He had serious damages to the right part of the body. There were major fractures in the right elbow. The doctors also had to replace his left leg rode to ensure he could walk properly in the future.

Due to the accident, the person was unable to return to his employment until he got recovered properly. As a result, the accident caused him an ongoing loss of earnings which also impacted his lifestyle and prevented him to pay medical bills.

The Challenge

Financial crisis!

Unable to join the employment during the medical treatment caused him very considerable financial difficulties. And when he approached the insurance company to compensate for the medical bills and damages, they refused and were trying to settle the case against a very low amount.

Faced with the medical debt and complex procedures, he had no option but to seek valid advice, so he can get enough compensation to recover from the damages and huge medical bills.

The Solution

We decided to prepare a claim for compensation against his insurers.

This was a particularly challenging aspect of the case. We worked tirelessly to tailor-make the Discovery request and make it much effective to receive a satisfactory answer on the same.

Once we got the answers, we sent out the Demand Letter to the Defendants mentioning his loss of earnings and the cost of any future care and rehabilitation and submitted the settlement claim.

Following the negotiation procedure, we successfully claimed a final settlement of $378,980.00.

What Did Our Client (The Attorney) Gain?

He was very satisfied with the consistently high quality of work delivered by the litigation professionals at Viable. Here are the key benefits that the person derived from our services –

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