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One of Viable Outsource Solution’s most recent paralegal undertakings involved a case of domestic violence & abuse, delegated by a family law firm in Houston, Texas. The client's attorney approached Viable’s paralegal teams with a domestic violence case, where the plaintiff accused her husband of verbal abuse & physical assault. She suffered numerous injuries and experienced mental trauma as a result.

The plaintiff, that is, the wife filed for a Domestic Abuse Restraining Order (DARO), divorce, and sought alimony & child support from the defendant, the husband.

Prompt Assessment of The State of Affairs

Comprehensive and acute assessment of the cases involved assessing all the aspects of the case, such as the complainant’s injuries, the circumstances of reported incidences of domestic violence, and the records of the statements of all parties involved.  

Thorough inspection & investigation revealed that the plaintiff had suffered substantial injuries, which included several bruises, cuts & lacerations. From her statement and that of her children, it was quite evident that incidences of domestic violence have been occurring for quite a few months.  The plaintiff’s parents supported their daughter’s claims while her in-laws refused to make any statements. Residents from neighboring houses corroborated the plaintiff’s comments.

Experienced paralegals from our teams took note of the following documentary pieces of evidence.

The Challenges

Approval of DARO, Divorce, Alimony, and Child Custody & Support!

The husband contested the complainant’s claims and the divorce. But, his weak alibi and the overwhelming number of evidence & accusations against him render his defense invalid.

According to Texas Divorce Laws, for cases involving domestic violence, divorce hearings can be held within 60 days. The court order granted a swift hearing within 2 weeks. The court heard both DARO and divorce hearings simultaneously. The key challenge was to shine light upon the recurrent violent outbursts & abusive behavior of the husband and the resultant mental trauma suffered by the wife, as proofs of cruelty and valid grounds for fat divorce.

Besides a successful divorce hearing, alimony & child support were the other primary objectives, since the plaintiff was a middle-aged, unemployed housewife.

The Solution

Our paralegals’ prepared appropriate documents for fault divorce, DARO, and claims of alimony & child support.

The court laid down the judgment in favor of the plaintiff and our client. The petition was for fault divorce, a domestic abuse restraining order, child support, and alimony. Our client’s party got custody of their children and an alimony settlement of $800.

The husband was convicted and ended up with a DARO, a divorce & paying massive alimony.

What Did Our Client (The Attorney) Gain?

Our client was highly satisfied with our modus operandi & case analysis procedures. He commended the consistently high quality of work delivered by the paralegal divisions at Viable. Here are the key benefits that the plaintiff derived from our services –

Our client stood to gain:

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