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The paralegal teams at Viable Outsource Solution draft various kinds of business agreements and legal contracts shrewdly developed as per the requirements of our clients. Paralegal professionals in the team act as a point of contact between the concerned parties. Every drafted contract or agreement is crafted after careful consideration of the demands, liabilities, and responsibilities of all the entities involved, in line with the applicable code of law and underlines the consequences of a contract breach.

Our Process

At Viable Outsource Solution, we follow a specific roadmap while drafting apt legal contracts for our clients. Discussions and negotiations are conducted before every drafting process to lay out all offers, counter-offers, obligations, and conditions out in the open.

The basic elements addressed in the drafting of all legally binding contracts include:

Our teams are also capable of preparing non-binding agreements such as a Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.

Here are some of the myriad legally binding agreements that we have drafted for our clients.

Master Service Agreement

Our paralegals paved the way for a successful project undertaking by our client, an automobile manufacturer in Germany, through effective MSAs, drafted for different auxiliary manufacturers.

The terms of the agreement offered a flexible system for making informed & insightful decisions as the project progresses. A well-drafted MSA from our paralegal teams brought provide an effective way to work on track and resolve any disputes that may arise during the project. All the terms denoting the obligations, responsibilities, and consequences of a breach are laid down in clear & exact prose without any ambiguity. 

In the instance of the client company mentioned herein, the MSA acted as a necessary list of project & business constraints for the third-party manufacturing units. The MSAs drafted by our paralegal addressed every key element of a comprehensive contract agreement. For our client’s agreements, we added agreement provisions such as:

  1. Payment terms, methods, and schedules
  2. Description of Services
  3. Any Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Provisions for handling conflicts & disagreements
  5. Changes to the scope of services
  6. Warranties, disclaimers, and liabilities.

In addition to the above, deal-specific information was added as per the requirements.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our teams have also drafted decisive NDAs for a major software engineering firm in the UK. The NDA acted as an instrument of trust between the firm and would-be business partners. 

The Non-Disclosure Agreement laid down strict regulations regarding the maintenance of confidentiality on behalf of both the parties involved. All confidential information was deemed the property of the disclosing party. Obligations towards the protection of confidentiality for all the parties involved were laid down in a clear & comprehensive manner. Furthermore, remedies for violation & breaches, provisions for a court appeal, and legal governance have been mentioned in precise details.

Professional Paralegals at Viable Outsource Solution have the knowledge & professional acumen of drafting detailed and definitive legal service agreements of any kind, as per client requirements and in a perfectly professional manner. If your business is seeking such assistance, then connect with teams to discuss any & all formalities.

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