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About Multigraphics Group

Through 20+ years of research and development, MultiGraphics Group in association with the leading universities and medical research and biotechnology facilities across 70 countries has integrated the latest and modern Plant and Machinery to produce OMR Sheets.

The OMR Sheets by Multigraphics Groups come with Bar Code, Litho Code, and QR Code with security features like invisible ink printing through UV Rays only, Carbonless Sheet, and much more.

Campaign Goals

The overall goal of the MG OMR Sheet was to increase revenue through improved traffic and lead generation from their website.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics –

1. Qualified Organic Traffic

By increasing the search rankings of keywords with higher volumes, the web search results can easily be influenced.

2. More Leads Converted to Sales & Downloads

This meant increasing the number of website form submissions and the volume of mail or call inquiries. Each of these submissions or inquiries would be considered as a new lead for MG group and the opportunity to close a sale and gain a customer.

Challenges Faced By the Company

Faced with various challenges, MG Group outreached Viable to help in achieving their milestones. And here’s the list of challenges they came up with –

Despite such a rich company background and experienced resources, the digital marketing challenges and well-established competitive landscape meant the MG Group had an uphill battle ahead of them.

Solution Strategies & Tactics by Viable

1. Website Optimization

The first thing that we recommended is to revamp or re-build the website to deliver a more intuitive experience for website visitors. Strategically, the new design and functionality would help more users to be informed of the offerings of MG Group OMR Sheets and stay fulfilled with whatever they might be looking for.

While doing so, the users would be encouraged to contact MG Group and turn into a lead. Additionally, the new website was completely SEO optimized and adhering to the latest search engine practices.

2. Keyword & Competitor Analysis

Upon initial keyword research, our team uncovered the opportunities of more than 45 target keywords to be ranked in Google and drive more traffic and conversions to the website.

This was crucial to decide on as the competitors already managed to outrank the company for many of the highest valued keywords.

Using multiple keyword research and analysis tools, we identified the keywords with higher potential and started implementing them in the company’s digital marketing campaign.

3. Digital Idea Brainstorming

Like many companies, each company has a unique audience base and different offerings to cater to their pain points. That’s what we planned for. We came up with a unique strategy that would target the potential consumers of MG OMR Sheet while fulfilling their needs and requirements.

This strategy helped us driving more engagement and conversions to the website.

4. Continuous Content Curation

Together, Viable and MG Group embarked on a comprehensive content strategy including social media distribution, writing helpful blogs or posts, running multiple targeted ad campaigns, etc.

The Results


The team at Viable believe in delivering metric-driven approaches to drive measurable results and improvements. By staying true to our values, we come up with unique strategies and approaches to cater to the specific needs of our clients and their businesses.

This comprehensive digital marketing strategy has helped MG Group in many ways. If you’re also willing to take your ordinary business to the heights of success, let’s connect and start thriving from today itself.


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