Megarray Analysis

Megarray Analysis

Megarray - Overview

Megarray is a performance-based digital marketing agency that majorly offers two services –

They offer guaranteed results and charge only when the clients have received what the company had committed to them.

With a digital team in-house, Megarray was looking to analyze how they fared against the competition in the organic space. While spending unlimited hours consolidating data from various SEO tools, they were in a need of a more structured SEO approach that would be critical to success. 

Partnership Between Megarray and Viable

Megarray teamed up with Viable to leverage the SEO benefits to track keywords, improve search ranking, and identify growth opportunities with easy fixes of tech issues.

The Solution

Before partnering with Viable, Megarray was only doing the basic SEO things like optimizing meta tags, etc.

The partnership with Viable has benefitted them with the strategic SEO approaches that work great in terms of search visibility as well as organic traffic.  The team also now emphasizes the focus around achieving superior content and ad performance. 

With Viable on their side, the company managed to reduce 75% of their time spent on data compilation, SEO, and digital marketing.

The Results

Megarray witnessed a 40% boost in their organic visits and more than 70% of their priority keywords moved into top spots of search results.

Following a Technical Site Audit strategy, the team was able to reduce 90% of the website errors. They also used analytical tools and other software to do effective tracking and monitoring to make necessary timely improvements.

Here’s what the team at Megarray has to say about Viable –

“Unlike most digital marketing tools, Viable provides all the necessary SEO data and turns them into actionable insights to help focus on continuous performance optimization.”

The Digital Marketing Manager at Megarray also shared –

“The Viable team provided us with a value-added service and a team of SEO consultants who’d help us with innovative strategies to keep Megarray ahead of the competition. Their services are exceptional.”

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