LaRog Analysis

LaRog Brothers - Company Background & Overview

LaRog is a family-owned jewelry business based in Portland. They have been in the business since 1910. Pretty well known for beautiful jewelry and low prices, the services at LaRog has no match!

When they approached Viable for SEO consulting, they already had an e-Commerce website with all information related to products, shipping, terms, and conditions.

Before teaming up with Viable, LaRog had already made a lot of efforts to uplift their SEO game. They tried on newsletters, social media, and many ways to get the desired results but saw little improvement. 

This was when they reached out to our team and discussed what they were looking for.

A Discussion on How SEO Could Help Their Business Grow Online Took Place!

At Viable Outsource Solution, We Listen to Our Clients!

Having had made SEO efforts in the past, the team at LaRog already had a bit idea of how things work and what was all required to make it happen. 

They suggested to us the keywords that they were looking to rank for. Based on the pointers, keywords, and goals received from the team, we started preparing a tailor-made SEO strategy for LaRog.

SEO Strategy Curation

The primary target audience was of course the women, but we also considered men and planned to target them majorly by prompting gifting ideas for any special occasions coming up soon.

The major events when we aimed to gain the maximum traction were valentine’s week, mother’s day, women’s day, Christmas, and similar occasions.

1. Our strategy building started with the research that was taken place in three phases –

2. Then the next step was to optimize the website.

3. Off-page optimization is obviously the most important part while doing SEO.

4. Then, we planned a content strategy to make sure that more keywords rank in Google and people can land to the website from various channels.

5. A paid marketing strategy followed with competitive and market research was also planned to generate instant results. As the company had a separate budget planned for SEM, we ensured to make the most of it.

Our ads were designed with the purpose to drive direct sales or website traffic, especially during any occasion coming up soon.

The campaigns performed well, and we had such great results in hand.

When we finished the work on the LaRog’s, the results were very pleasing to us and lucrative for the company. Let’s have a look at a few glimpses of the results.

  • Traffic – Increased By 98%.
  • Direct Sales – Made 187% More During the Special Occasions.

What Our Happy Client Shared with Us!

The owner of LaRog Brothers was so pleased that he gave us his recommendation as follows –

"Viable is the most trustworthy SEO company I have worked with. They have great knowledge of what they do. Always eager to help out and go beyond needed for your business success. 5 stars for their efforts and services."
LaRog Brothers
- Founder of LaRog

We have always believed that a job well done is its own reward, but that never stops us from working even harder and coming up with unique strategies for each new project. 

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