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iCubes Wire is a digital marketing agency based in Gurgaon, Haryana.

In a need of outsourcing their SEO and SEM services to the top-qualified and professional virtual staff, iCubesWire approached Viable Outsource Solution back in 2020.

Up against the big players in the industry, iCubesWire was competing to attain higher rankings in search engines for its top-qualified search-relevant and branded keywords that can drive 100% organic and high-converting traffic to the website.

They needed to increase visibility and beat the competition with a low lead-acquisition cost in Search Engine Marketing and SEO.

The Solution Posed by The Team of Viable

The SEO and SEM experts at Viable designed a custom strategy that focused on targeted common pain points and their business goals of ranking higher in the search engines or driving qualified organic traffic or ensuring faster conversions through SEM. 

As a result, iCubesWire has reached exciting levels of growth, quickly doubling the keyword volume and monthly visitors by 178%. The company is now swamped with a lot of client orders in the queue.

Let’s Have A Look at the Viable’s Custom SEO Strategy for iCubesWire!

To drive higher search visibility and qualified traffic, we focused on 2 key target audiences –

We also analyzed the top keywords that were driving traffic to their competitors and not being tapped by the iCuberWire. 

We further targeted them on different search factors using marketing ads to generate leads that convert faster without the need for further nurturing.

Performed a deep analysis of backlinks, keywords, and website pages to learn how competitors are doing great. 

Imposing the same strategy with more personalized campaigns and offerings, we could make iCubeWire stand unique among their target audience.

The results were impressive in all aspects –

Are you ready to attain top spots in Google searches?

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