Virtual Staff Outsourcing to India? Pros and Cons to Consider!

During the Pandemic, Virtual Staff Outsourcing has witnessed a major rise. Most companies prefer to outsource their operations to remote workers to save infrastructure costs and extra expenses.

If you’re looking to plan for staff outsourcing for your company, India is absolutely the best choice!

The country is known as a major hub for outsourcing business at the global level. From MNCs to SMBs, most companies prefer to opt for Outsourcing to India for top-quality and cost-saving services.

However, there are pros and cons to everything! Let’s go through the pros and cons of marketing outsourcing India –

3 Pros of Staff Outsourcing to India

Considering the international economic appeal, Indian workers provide their services at highly affordable prices. Though the cost is not the only factor to consider, there are many more benefits too –

1. Cost-Effective

As mentioned above, Indian Labor is more affordable than global workers. Furthermore, hiring in-house staff is also expensive to the companies than outsourcing their operations. It helps businesses in saving 70% costs on salaries, infrastructure, and other employee benefits.

2. Industry Leaders

When it’s about quality, India has the largest base of experts having industry-specific knowledge in multiple niches. Additionally, English is the most commonly spoken language in India, so it becomes easier for International people to communicate with Indians.

3. Greater Productivity

When you rely on Indians to deliver required services while maintaining quality and time consistency, the outcome is always as expected.

Cons of Indian Staff Outsourcing

There could be only a few cons of outsourcing the staff to India.

  • Unplanned Meetings – since you’re residing in a different country, sometimes it gets difficult to arrange unplanned meetings after designated working hours. It is always good to plan for a meeting in advance and get the ball rolling.
  • Time zone difference – needs to be taken care while communicating with your dedicated team. It is always advised that choose a proper shift timing for your team so that you can reach to them whenever you are comfortable.

But these points can be negligible as there are many platforms to encourage better communications and time availability for ease of connection.

If you’re looking for the right people to outsource your services, we can help. At Viable Outsource Solution, we have got you a team of remote workers hailing from different backgrounds. Let’s connect and take it further!