Content Writing vs Copy Writing

SEO Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What’s The Difference?

SEO content writing, web content writing, SEO writing, copywriting—the written aspect of digital marketing has many terms associated with it. However, each one of those terms is distinctive from one another with their purpose and processes defining their key characteristics.

Search Engine Optimized digital marketing endeavors involve attracting massive amounts of organic web traffic and converting them successfully. And, SEO content writing and copywriting are two distinct aspects of SEO marketing.

So, what is SEO content marketing and how is it different from copywriting? Let us find out.

SEO Content Writing vs. Copywriting

Both SEO content writing services and copywriting services involve writing content on web pages, but each has its own specific goals.

  • Content writing is all about educating, informing, guiding, and coercing the audience through engaging and informative content.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is much more promotional and copywriting content focuses on advertising the features of a product/service. Copywriting focuses primarily on increasing brand awareness and persuading a buyer to take some positive action.

  • The distinction between SEO content writing and copywriting is necessary for businesses to understand to achieve better results.

SEO content writing aims to increase organic traffic from search engines. Sales copywriting has the end goal of converting that high traffic into leads and sales.

  • An intricate relationship between SEO content writing & copywriting exists. Search engine optimized content writing is all about delivering content that informs, educates, and draws in the audience. SEO content writing rakes in the organic traffic.

Copywriting has the task of influencing those interested individuals into investing their time and money.

  • SEO writers take on different types of web content marketing projects, normally those that have the ultimate objective of increasing organic traffic.  The different types of projects range from:
  1. SEO friendly blog posts
  2. SEO web pages
  3. SEO business content
  4. SEO guest posts
  5. Conversion pages
  6. PPC landing pages
  7. Social media posts
  8. EBooks
  9. Video script writing

SEO content writers or writing teams take on different projects in their way, with the ultimate goal of generating more organic traffic.

  • The term SEO copywriting is a bit of a misnomer. Ad copies are generally not SEO-focused and completely promotional. However, many content writing services themselves target the keyword “SEO copywriting” in their SEO content to rise in SERPs and attract more organic traffic.
  • SEO content writers often have to deal with copywriting projects which may or may not be SEO-focused. Such projects tend to be much more sales focuses rather than being informative, such as sales pages, Facebook ad copies, social media copies, etc.
  • SEO content writers know how to write compelling and informative content but might not necessarily know how to write for changes.

SEO content writing helps in: increasing a website’s keyword rankings, acquiring more SERP licks, finding back-links from authoritative websites, directing users to other web pages on a site, etc.

Copywriters can deliver excellent and intriguing product descriptions, in an enticing & engaging manner to guarantee a conversion.

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