Tech Can Drive Business Growth

5 Ways Tech Can Drive Business Growth in 2021

Technology is evolving and transforming our society at a fantastic pace. It is changing every aspect of human lives from personal interactions, socialization, and education to business operations, healthcare, economies, and almost everything else under the Sun.

Developments in science and technology are some of the most significant disruptive factors forcing businesses to adapt and transform. The Internet is one of the simplest examples of such disruptive techs. Technologies like the Internet, social media, computational systems, etc., open up new avenues for businesses to grow, expand and innovate. For example, leapfrog developments in Information & Communications Technology have opened up many options and possibilities for companies to enhance their performance in cost-effective ways. Remote workforces, digital & social media marketing services, as-a-service platforms, and data analytics are business intelligence applications are some examples of different potent business tech today.

Let’s look into the five ways tech implementations can enhance a business’s growth strategy.

1. The Internet and Social Media

Growth is one of the ultimate objectives of any business in any industry. Most business strategies can be augmented substantially with the help of the Internet and social media, from reaching out to new customers, expanding into new markets, and formulating new promotional campaigns.

The World Wide Web provides numerous options to connect to a large and diverse audience. Simultaneously, the Internet connects different businesses, allowing businesses to grow and profit from mutually beneficial relationships.

Social media marketing is one of the most potent AND cost-effective ways of promoting a business today. Various kinds of engaging and tailor-made content are published on social networking platforms that attract, offer value, and convert potential leads. Companies across sectors hire social media marketers to publish stellar content and establish a loyal online brand following.

The extensive reach of the Internet and the multifaceted nature of digital marketing can boost any business growth strategy exponentially.

2. Remote Computing

Cut down on your infrastructure costs and grow your business faster with cloud computing. Almost every major corporation and rising entrepreneurship utilize cloud computing in some form or the other. As a result, the domain generated market revenue of $300 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase in 2021 and beyond.

Cloud computing and As-A-Service platforms allowed businesses across all major industries to shift to the cloud. As a result, companies are undergoing digital transformation and converting all sorts of data into digital format. Cloud computing services help businesses store, manage and process massive amounts of both structured & unstructured data. Big Data Analysis and Data Science are two other prominent tech developments that augment cloud computing and together aid in accelerating business growth.

Effective implementation of cloud computing in the strategic growth framework increases operational efficiency and allows the discovery of insightful knowledge to makes better-informed decisions.

3. AI, Process Automation, and Big Data Analytics

Exponential developments in electronics and software engineering have led to the re-emergence of Artificial Intelligence and large-scale data management and analysis. AI, automation, and data science are now implemented in tandem to bring about technology-enabled automation of business-critical processes.

Business process and robotic process automation using Machine Learning and Business Data Analytics can:

  • Streamline business operations for simplicity
  • Bring about holistic digital transformation
  • Improve service quality
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Reduce costs
  • Help in better customer relationship management

4. Business Productivity Apps

Productivity software applications are information management and scheduling apps that boost employee productivity substantially. These handy tech tools can be a crucial cog in any business’s growth strategy.

Owners and managers can make use of these tools to increase business productivity at a lesser cost with just a network-enabled electronic device. In addition, numerous productivity apps are now available commercially. Popular examples are:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Slack
  • Google Suite For Business
  • LucidChart
  • Todoist
  • Trello
  • Podio
  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Zapier

Some apps are entirely free, partially free, or come at economical prices. These productivity apps are capable of being synced across multiple devices and accounts and can get the right things done, without much strain, most effectively and efficiently possible.


Seamless communication is a must for any business. As it grows and expands, proper media of communication and information exchange becomes all the more critical.

The communication technology any business needs is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a cloud-based solution that enables high-speed telephony over the Internet. Numerous VoIP services are now in existence and offer low-cost national and international calls.

What’s more, VoIP services for businesses come with stellar features such as complete mobile optimization, call scheduling and forwarding, virtual assistants, video conferencing, etc. Once a company integrates VoIP within its infrastructure, it can help in growth strategies and expansion endeavors. They will manage remote teams, carry out instant company-wide communications, conduct global information exchange, and establish real-time communications with clients and partners anywhere in the world.

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